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I am glad you reached out to Connect to get advice and support.

Every person treatment plan is different, and the most stressful time for me was not knowing what was going to happen next.

I went thru my diagnosis and treatment few years ago. I was Stage 2, tumor in one breast and two positive lymph nodes. My sister just got diagnosis last month and I am trying to help her through the process. She had a suspicious area found during mammogram, had lumpectomy last week and has appt with radiation next week.

My treatment order was different, an AI (aromatase inhibitor) pill prior to surgery as part of research project, surgery (lumpectomy) , chemo (IV), radiation and then back on AI again.

As someone else suggested, go in with prepared list of questions. I went to my sister's appointment with her at Mayo. We let the provider explain everything and at end reviewed our prepared questions to make sure all of our questions were answered.

Here is few questions you may consider:

1. Are there any additional test required. If you have not had an MRI of breast, ask if it would be helpful to make sure there are no other locations the mammogram may of missed.
2. Have the exciting test checked the lymph nodes?
3. Do they suggest a meeting with a genetic specialist?
4. The order of treatment varies between patients, ask your team what treatments are planned and why the specific order.

Our thoughts are with you,


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Laurie, thank you so much for the advice and your story. Prayers for your sister too. We had already discussed the MRI and the radiologist already investigated the lymph nodes in my axilla. I have been told the lymph nodes look great and they did not feel it necessary to do the breast MRI. I have been told we are going to start with up to 5 months of Chemo before surgery. I’d be lying, if I said I wasn’t nervous about not having surgery right away. I do know that I am at the best place in the world and am trusting this is the correct path for me.