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Breast Cancer | Last Active: Dec 24, 2020 | Replies (51)

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I was diagnosed in 2018 with DCIS left breast and invasive ductal in right (2 tumors). ER/PR positive HER neg. Started Arimdex a week after diagnosis. Helped shrink the tumors a little. Underwent bilateral mastectomies with placement of tissue expanders 3 months after diagnosis followed by 5 weeks of radiation. One positive node. All went pretty well. Returned to work as an RN two weeks after my surgery. I never missed a day of week as had my radiation during my lunch break. My reconstructive surgeon wanted me to recover for six months post radiation. One week before that surgery had a freak accident and broke about every bone in my right arm that required major surgery and 6 months of rehab to get the arm and hand functioning again. Finally had my breast reconstruction. Am about 10 months out of surgery and so far am doing relatively well. Not thrilled with the side effects of the A1 but take one day at a time. When diagnosed immediately signed up with Mayo and this terrific group! Learned a lot and their stories and knowledge have gotten me through it. Will be forever grateful I found them.

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Thank you for sharing your story. The cancer wasn’t enough, you had to throw in the accident for good measure? Just kidding, I hope you continue to improve and appreciate the information.

You have been through so much and are a warrior woman….bless you!