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jimmy 370 (@jimmy370)

Burning feet and legs

Neuropathy | Last Active: May 25 6:34am | Replies (137)

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It started 2012 nobody told I had nurapthy

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Jim, I am very sorry to hear you have been suffering from burning feet and legs since 2012. So, let me understand what you are saying here. You have been to several doctors and not one of them has been able to help you, and not one of them has suggested it might be neuropathy? This mystifies me. They should have tested you for that the very first thing. I would suggest seeing a doctor, perhaps a neurologist, and requesting that they test you for small fiber and large fiber peripheral neuropathy. On google you can find out what tests are available, there are 3 that I know about. In the eight years that you have had this, what has been the level of your pain? What steps have you taken for the pain? Good luck to you, Hank