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Going Beyond Standard Immunotherapy

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@dutchw– Good morning and Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Thank you for sharing your story. I am a mentor for Mayo Connect's Lung Cancer and Lung Diseases. I have an unusual lung cancer called Multifocal Adenocarcinoma. I have survived two types of lung cancer for 23+ years and have never had immunotherapy, although I have had chemotherapy. I am sorry if I have given the impression that I have taken this wonderful drug.

@miriam57; @richcolleen– I have found that many people who have finished their two years on Keytruda are followed very closely with CT scans. I am at a loss to tell you that there are other drugs right now that will maintain you. Keytruda is "Humanized antibodies" This means that they are antibodies from non-human species whose protein sequences have been modified to increase their similarity to antibody variants produced naturally in humans. I certainly hope that the positive outcomes for many people who have taken this drug will see many more and maybe even a possibility for a maintenance program. I just don't know of any at this time.

The developers for Keytruda limited the study to two years. There was a lot of competition between several drug makers for the success of such a drug. You can read more of this here:
The reason that I am suggesting that you read Wikipedia about your drug is so that you can see why there was a 2-year limit.

I am very glad that this drug's targeted population has expanded into many cancers.

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Good morning Miriam. Thank you for the valuable information. Wow, 23 years, that’s impressive. You undoubtedly are a fighter and an inspiration to us. I’m going to press my Dr to buck the current 2 year limit and try a maintenance protocol. We’ll see what happens. A PET scan in Dec. showed a small hot spot, 1/2 inch size, in my good lung and radiation cleaned it up. I am now cancer free and remaining on immunotherapy/Keytruda 400cc every 6 weeks until June. Keep up the good work.

I just want to take time and thank you for being here Merry !!! Whenever I start feeling down about surviving or reoccurrence of my lung cancer I read your 23+ year survival story. It perks me up, gives me hope as I’m sure it does others on this site. At my age, if I make it 23 more years I’ll be 104 years old lol.. Thank you, your a God sent.

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