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@nannette1941 It's Monday….time to get going. I usually have MFR therapy on Monday at 11 am. So I got up, dressed, and was in the car a few miles down the road and then it hit me. Because of the holidays, my appointment is at 3 pm.

So now I have some time to respond. Let's see if I remember the highlights. Born in France..,, is there a french speaking group where you live now. In my village, there was a "French group that met regularly and only spoke French. They wanted to make sure they didn't lose the language.

You are an artist……painting. Two of the artists in my gallery were from Hawaii. Painters always gathered on Saturday morning at a beautiful park (Kapiolani) to learn and teach, to have social interactions. Is there a painter's group where you live? Wanna start one.?

And then there were the walkers. We went on Inn to Inn walks here in the US and in Canada and Ireland. Do you know of such a group?

I can see that other Connect folks jumped in with great messages for you. Yea Team!

How was the weekend? Anything super special?

May you have happiness and the causes of happiness.

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Hello Chris, the French people in my church group are too busy (they are still employed ) walking was my favorite but because of surgery in one foot and the need in the other, walking is out of question.