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Good morning, nannette1941! Well, I see you survived the night, as did all my sweet plants!!!! They did quite well, even my little 'Vanda' orchid, hanging on the crepe myrtle tree on the deck. I have it on a limb, sheltered frome the cold wind by the fence. I'ts happy this morning and the large bud growing bigger by the moment is getting rreally huge, ready to open soon. I'll send you a pic. when it opens. Where in France were you born? Wish you'd tell me a little about life there....that was during the war? How and when did you get to the states? Sounds like you've had quite an interesting life and accomplished a lot.....poetry I love!! Can you send any info re your book? I'd love to read some of your writing......also, I so jealous that you cook, that you're a gourmet. How wonderful to be able to give to your friends and family through your love of cooking. I wanted to learn more and more, even learned from French Gourmet on tv! But, stopped that journey as I worked long hours in retirement administration and then owned my own shop.....2 very different areas of life's work, but I loved and enjoyed them both. Both had to do with helping others, working with folks to make their lives better, I guess. Think that was something I was supposed to do with my life. Sad I didn't do a better job of it, tho! Oh, well, did my best.. I'm having to work on accetance. Acceptance of where I am right this minute. In life. Acceptance of my age....yes, the number and the consequences! Mostly, acceptance of me, me today, possibility of me tomorrow and my memories of me yesterday. Tough place. But, Not so much of yesterday anymore! Milestone. More now of today and hope for tomorrow. getting there. Again, glad you had a good rest and woke up today with a new vision! Careful not to overdo!!!!! Blessings. Elizabeth

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I was born in Belfort, a small town surrounded by Germany and Switzerland, I was born at the end of WWII. I came to the US (Evanston Illinois) in 1964 to get married. Today, "Acceptance" of my age and the mistakes I made not being to change these, are my greatest challenges and the source of most of my depression. I would love to write to you on a personal basis, is there a way for me to communicate my personal email address?