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Yes, I was born in 1941; in France. I love to paint watercolor, I am a published author: poetry, one of my poem was selected for the millennium book of poetry; I love to cook (and I am a gourmet cook) I love to entertain but people do not like to come to my house because they say they could never entertain the way I do… actually a hamburger would do with a glass of wine… I entertain because I need and want friends. That is as simple as that.

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@nannette1941 Let your friends know that spending time with you is a gift to you. Perhaps beyond fixing a meal, you could have a "game night" or have someone talk about a great trip they went on, or just fix tea and sandwiches. While you might not consider what you do as "fancy", it may very well feel like that to others, and they don't think they can do as well. I don't think you are expecting them to, right? If you do a craft, invite a few people over that do the same or similar, just to have some crafting time together, and share space. If they feel you are comparing their house/meal/lifestyle to yours, it may put them on edge. Be yourself, be gracious in accepting whatever level of friendship others offer.

I hope this sounds like something you could try?

@nannette1941- Good morning. I'm just a few years younger than you are and I have hosted many a dinner party. People are strange that way, thinking that they have to compete. Maybe just make scrambled eggs- plain scrambled eggs the next time? Or have a simple soup and salad party with just a few people at a time?

The last time that I was in Paris it was for three weeks while my husband worked. Paris and all of France feel like my second home. I don't know if I'll ever have a chance to return but my times there have been wonderful. I even returned to my university to learn french, but it's been a while since then. To me, it's the most beautiful language in the world. If I had a french accent I don't think that I would ever shut up! When did you move to the US?

My husband is the author of several books and my drawings are in his books. I have a couple of art rewards for my watercolors. Right now it's pretty difficult to paint out of doors with COVID-19 around. Too many people like to stand around and watch people paint and tell them what they missed or painted incorrectly. lol

I hope that you continue to be safe and take care of yourself. Are you living with your family?