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HI there @nannette1941, so it is time for bed. I hope you sleep well. Here is something to chew on..........can you remember feeling good about yourself? What was the occasion?

I see that 1941 at the end of your Connect name and so is it possible you were born in 1941? I was born in 1942. So we share many of the same worries and wonderments about our lives and how things have changed. I sent out about 75 digital Holliday letters and have received 6 replies. I moved from my village of 4,000 on the mountain after 20 years because of the fires. Now I live in a town of 65,000 and yet I feel alone.....like no one knows me.

Do you play games like Bridge or Mahjongg? Of course, this COVID has kept even the most avid Bridge player at home. Do you have family here and do they Zoom? My daughter and granddaughters have a Bed Party with me every other Sunday evening. I think I spend more time with them now because of Zoom. And we are all together. My daughter joins us for morning YOGA on Saturdays and Sundays. That is another connection I never had before.

What other activities do you enjoy? Are you creative? Have you made anything you would like to share? We have several groups of discussion open to anyone. Check out "Just Want to Talk" or "The Chat Room".

One more question.....how are you feeling physically? How is your health in general?

I hope to hear from you in the morning. And while I sense that you are despondent and lonely, I hope you have not had thoughts about self-harm. You know that there will always be someone to help when you call or text 988, the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline https://988lifeline.org.

May you be content and at peace.

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Yes, I was born in 1941; in France. I love to paint watercolor, I am a published author: poetry, one of my poem was selected for the millennium book of poetry; I love to cook (and I am a gourmet cook) I love to entertain but people do not like to come to my house because they say they could never entertain the way I do... actually a hamburger would do with a glass of wine... I entertain because I need and want friends. That is as simple as that.