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Hi, @nannette1941! I'm Elizabeth, ess77, in Jacksonville, Fl where it's really, really icey cold! In the low 30's last night, up in 40's today….wow! And, going down in 20's tonight. I love my plants in my yard and on the deck, BUT can't bring pots in anymore and can't cover most of the time, either. It really hurts me……but, we had a chat a couple years ago when I got physically worse and really sad, so I explained to my ginger plant, staghorn fern, lilies, thorn of crowns, pitcher plant hanging basket, plumbego, hydrangias, hybiscus and on and on….we chatted. I explained my situation and how things had changed. Explained it's up to them now to take care of themselves when I can't do it. They were so sweet…..I raised them all from tiny babies, several were being thrown away at Lowe's or Ace Hardware or the nursery…so I grabbed them for $1-2 and saved them from the garbage! the first couple years I did lose a few to the long, extended freeze overnight. But, we don't have many of those, so most of them did fine. I'm able now, with housekeeper help, to water them regularly, talk with them and make them feel loved. They are my friends! So, they've gotten tougher, stronger and can survive the cold winter nights we have in north Fla once in a while. You know, I think we have a good system now. They know I'm much older, weaker and need help, that I'm alone and need their love, so they do their best to survive w/little help from me. I've had to make kind of the same changes in my own life……I'm alone almost all day every day. It's tough. I do have a 53 year old son, disabled for 20 years who now lives across the street from me. He moved here for me to help…..now, he's a bit better and can help me some. Friends I almost never see anymore. I miss them and the times we shared. We don't have meals together anymore. My son and I don't either. He was at his home all day yesterday and today. I was here alone. But, we did chat on the phone. Today, I needed a med. refill, couldn't go out and he did go get it for me. That was wonderful! Rare! I guess all this is to say I'm one of the folks on this coversation site who does really understand how you feel. I bet most of these great folks have had the same feelings……Being alone can be so tough. But, I've gotten so I contact my friends or contacts or acquaintances or whomever by email, mostly, some by text or phone. Usually email is best for me, so I can chat and really let them know I'm thinking of them. No, I don't get many emails back to catch up. Some, but everyone returns with a sentence or fill them in on what I'm thinking. I don't know where you live…..we have to make ourselves go out! I have a hard time with that. I think if I didn't have doc appts at Mayo Clinic I might never go out of the house. But, I do and they're really working with me to get me much better. AND, nannette, I have a doc I spend time talking with every couple months. He's saving my emotional life, maybe my life for real. Not until I began these chats with him, at Mayo, did I really begin to get better. I had someone who was truly interested in my best, in helping me get to the emotional health to live and make it through getting older. Please consider getting in touch with someone like this. A pastor, maybe, a doctor is perfect for me. Maybe the local Council on Aging has some ideas….You know, Chris Trout, 'artscaping', seems to know a lot about how & where to find the things we need to get us through these tough times. So does Colleen Young. And Erika. They're volunteer mentors and whatever and have good info. Artscaping can get you in touch with the good folks who can help you out. Good for you for speaking up! That's a big step to getting to the right people. I'm here, on this crazy computer or my phone or watching tv or whatever………reach out to me anytime. You know, that would really help me out. I need the friendship!!!! I'm thinking about you and will keep you in my prayers! Blessings, my new friend. Elizabeth

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wow, you are a gourmet cook. I admire you.
I have a question you maybe can answer.
I bought some Yukon Gold small potatoes, and would love to boil them in a broth, but all the canned soups have so much salt, even boullion is loaded with salt. Have any ideas-suggestions how to boil them without all the salt.
In plain water, they lose their taste.
If I bake them, they are just another bake potato.
I do not have a slow cooker, so that would be out.
Take care,
Thanks in advance.