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I use to be so active, I could do it all, and now I just want to die

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@nannette1941- Welcome to Mayo Clinic. It's very nice to meet you. I can hear a lot of pain in what you say. Feeling lonely is actually a very lonely feeling. I've felt it many times. I felt as if nobody understood me or what I needed and wanted. I felt like nobody liked me. I'm terrible, I must be. I was pushing people away because I was honestly just a miserable person to be with. I can look back at it now and see this. I complained all the time and dragged people down. I finally entered counseling and finally saw that it wasn't that people didn't want to be with me but that I was asking them to be and do for me what I wasn't doing for myself. And that "doing" was taking actions to change my behaviors. I was burdening people, expecting them to fix me.

You say that you used to be so active. What did you use to do? What is stopping you now from doing "everything?"