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Exhaustion and type 2 diabetes

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My issues are different but I also experience exhaustion due to a thyroid condition and afib. Although I have spoken to every doctor about feeling exhaustion none of them ever address it. One even told me no one has ever told them this which is very hard to believe. Different groups here have made me realize it might be very connected to your diet. You have to have a healthy diet. I have found this very challenging in the covid world where going to the grocery store is another difficult chore. And you have to exercise also which sounds trite but I have found it does give me energy. I also found some of these home remedies also have helped me. For example, eating foods with cinnamon help. I make an apple pie every other week for the apples and the cinnamon. I also take a zone diet multi-vitamin which is expensive but I feel it helps. When I let any of these things go I feel the effects. I wish i could just find a pill to do all this but have not found it yet. Hope this helps a little.

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Speaking of home remedies, I eat unsweetened applesauce and pile on the cinnamon instead of the pie. Also I put cinnamon in orange flavored tea and that tastes pretty good, with Truvia sweetener. You could eat cinnamon more often and be more bold in a strict low carb diet and not feel deprived. The key for me is a lot of variety in my food and lots of flavor besides salt. I add veggies into everything and it looks good as well as tastes good. The money saved by not buying sodas and sweets can be spent on fresh vegetables which don't change the food if you add them to your regular recipes. I like crunchy food but need to chew everything well. Try new things. I also use the electric cart in the grocery which keeps me separated from other customers, and I have stayed well. Dorisena