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Small bowel NET and colon cancer

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On January 6 we met with the oncologist.

They feel that it is likely that I am cancer free. However, the only way to know for sure is to wait and have a few CT scans in the future. He told me to live my life and to be hopeful.

The surgery recovery is going well. I left the hospital on Tylenol only. I am not longer taking Tylenol. I am eating all I want and everything is working well. I am, however, struggling with fatigue. I get tired easy. This is improving daily.

Bottom line:
- I was shocked at 51 to learn that I had cancer in two spots. So far I have lived with no medical issues whatsoever.
- I feel fortunate to have been treated at Mayo clinic. The care has been so superb that I will seek to have all future medical care at Mayo.
- Today, just a few months later, I am cancer free and close to resuming my normal life.

I am blessed.

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@tkubista, congrats on embracing life and living cancer free. When are your next scans? What does normal look like for you these days?

Hello @tkubista,

I would like to join @colleenyoung in congratulating you on your good follow-up appointment. I'm also so pleased to hear that your stay at Mayo was such a good experience for you!

When will you have your next follow-up scan?

Hello @tkubista
As it has been a couple of months since your surgery at Mayo, I was thinking about you and wondering how you are feeling. Is your fatigue lessening now? Are you still able to eat comfortably?