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Life after implant CRT-P

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@tlovesherdad2020 Hi and good to see he has a pacemaker. When I had mine first put in there was a healing process so there are probably some light activity rules to follow. Depending on the type he got it may have 2-3 wires that need to build tissue around to insure good placement. That for me was about 6 weeks of not heavy lifting or raising my arms over shoulder height. It may be baths only for a couple of weeks to keep the area dry where the incision was made. Do you by chance know if it's just a pacemaker or does it also have a difibulator? The area my be a bit itchy mine once in a while would Warrent a itch but best to avoid untill some.healing is complete. If you have any other questions please let.me know.
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They referred to it as a Cadillac model it fixed both sides the arm is swollen on the side they placed the device. That's normal . I suppose. He up right now cooking I've been in there assisting as much as possible. Thank you for the reply