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Intermittent Fasting with Chronic Kidney Disease

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Thanks! Reading the abstract it says that they only tested people in stages I-IV of CKD. Since I am stage V I'm not sure how much of this applies to my case. Also a high percentage of the study subjects had diabetes and I don't have diabetes. I have been practicing IF for about the past year or so. Initially my creatinine went up a bit but last time was coming down. I agree that further study is in order. Let me know if you hear of anyone doing such a study. I would be glad to participate.

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Will do if I see any info on intermittent fasting. I signed up for the Journal of Renal Nutrition and I get notifications when studies are published. Most don't fit me but interesting none the less. I was Stage 3B and declining every month and was told I was on the fast track to dialysis. As soon as I found out I did my own research and figured out the right amount of protein and sodium for me. Potassium and phosphorus were not an issue for me. I lost about 50 lbs figuring the less blood to filter the better for my kidneys and my creatinine and eGFR stabilized. The difficult part is that reduced the amount of protein I could have further. I found an MD who is into Integrative and functional medicine and he put me on a few homeopathic remedies and Chinese herbs. My blood work from 2 weeks ago showed improvement of over 10% in my creatinine and my eGFR has gone from 38 to 49 over a period of time. Stage 3A now. My Mayo nephrologist is thrilled with my improvement and so is my internist telling me to just keep doing what I'm doing. Wishing you success.