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Intermittent Fasting with Chronic Kidney Disease

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@johnbishop. Thanks for posting this. The surgeon who is going to do my surgery in May said things would probably go more smoothly if I lost 40 pounds. I started a 16-8 intermediate fast eliminating sugar, processed carbohydrates, fried food, etc. in October and have lost 20 pounds. My weight loss has slowed dramatically, in spite of tracking calories and staying between 1000-1200 calories a day and tracking points through WW. I need to do something different and am am glad I came across your post. I downloaded/uploaded? Dr. Fung's book this morning and will check out the other sites you mentioned. I've also been reading about the 20-4 Warrior Diet on the internet to see their eating plan…. I haven't gotten that far in Dr. Fung's book. All of the totally contradictory advice about weight loss is baffling, so I hope this will work for me. You've inspired me — thanks! Nancy

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Hi Nancy @nla4625, Currently I'm mostly doing the 20/4 fasting diet for 3 to 4 days and then sometimes have a day or two of the 18/6 and it has worked well for me. If you didn't see the tip about using the Zero app for your phone (https://www.zerofasting.com/), you may want to give it a try. It makes keeping track of the hours and when you can start eating so much easier. Good luck on your journey!

I really like a book called Fast. Feast.Repeat by Gin Stephens. It carefully explains some strategies and pitfalls that has made my fasting approach more successful. This author is a Dr. Fung fan as well.