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Intermittent Fasting with Chronic Kidney Disease

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@m1rmiller Good for you! I daresay that your kidneys are working less strenuously due to your body mass being low, so you have been able to keep your eGFR hanging in there for quite a while. Even though high blood pressure may be controlled with meds, exercise, weight control and lifestyle, there is still the inevitable damage done to your kidneys.

I am sorry you had a negative experience with your first nephrologist but found someone who addresses your needs. Not everyone is a good fit. Within the transplant discussion group and here in kidney and bladder group, there are discussions about kidney transplant. I am curious regarding your hesitation and decision previously to not take an offered kidney? Years ago I was told transplant is not a viable option for me because of the rare autoimmune kidney disease that has caused my issues.

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Regarding transplant: When I was first diagnosed with CKD (my ESRD diagnosis started right there, I had never been told about CKD before I was diagnosed at ESRD), I went to another state where an old friend was head of Nephrology at a major hospital to ask his advice. I told him about getting an offer to get a Hep C donor kidney and he told me, "don't get a kidney transplant before you absolutely have to". He told me that I would feel awful for the first year after the transplant. That was 8 years ago and with COVID 19 raging now I pretty glad that I'm not having to suppress my immune system right now. I'm hoping to continue on. My nephrologist feels that whatever was attacking my kidneys has stopped and I'm just left with dealing with the damage that was done.