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Intermittent Fasting with Chronic Kidney Disease

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My eGFR is 12. When I asked my first nephrologist about peritoneal he told me "that doesn't work" and insisted that I needed to have surgery to put a fistula in my arm immediately. I'm not going to go into naming hospitals, but this was at one of the major teaching hospitals in New York City. I get lots of exercise. I am a nationally ranked competitive fencer. I am 5 ft. 9 in tall and weigh 138 lbs. I have hypertension but I take several meds and my nephrologist feels that my blood pressure is "fairly well controlled". It is reactive and more labile than I would wish. My A1C is always in the low 5's (last time 5.3) so I'm not diabetic. I have been registered for a kidney transplant but in a special status where I am accumulating time but they are not offering me kidneys now until I decide I want to go for transplant. I have about 7 years on the list already. When I first registered they discovered that I also had Hepatitis C so they told me that if I was fortunate and they would give me a kidney from a Hep C donor right away. I turned that down.

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@m1rmiller Good for you! I daresay that your kidneys are working less strenuously due to your body mass being low, so you have been able to keep your eGFR hanging in there for quite a while. Even though high blood pressure may be controlled with meds, exercise, weight control and lifestyle, there is still the inevitable damage done to your kidneys.

I am sorry you had a negative experience with your first nephrologist but found someone who addresses your needs. Not everyone is a good fit. Within the transplant discussion group and here in kidney and bladder group, there are discussions about kidney transplant. I am curious regarding your hesitation and decision previously to not take an offered kidney? Years ago I was told transplant is not a viable option for me because of the rare autoimmune kidney disease that has caused my issues.