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I'm not sure what diagnosis you are referring to – there are many spinal abnormalities. I've twice been diagnosed with spondylolistheses, once in 1982 and once in 1993. The first time involved fusing 2 Harrington rods, second time implanted 6 screws. Both surgeries were failures, and left me unable to walk more than a block, and unable to stand still (like in a queue) at all. I have scoliosis – both front to back and side to side. So severe than when trying a third remedy involving the insertion of 2 electric "leads", doctors were able to insert only 1. This past October 12th I had a neurosurgeon implant a Nevro spinal cord stimulator and it seems to be working. Not enough time has gone by to really be sure because there are many levels and adjustments on my remote and should only be changed once (or twice) a week. But I AM beginning to feel less pain.

I have osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and I stand at perhaps 30 degrees tilting forward. There are no more "fixes" for me, so this pain blocker is my last hope. My brain won't be receiving any pain signals from my back, so although the problems still remain, I won't feel them. During my latest MRI, it was found that I have spondylolistheses at another location, and many discs are smashed, crooked, out of line, etc. I hope some of this helps. female/63

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Here’s hoping your stimulator continues to help and improves things! I got one in Jan of the current year and it definitely has helped!

Hello! I'm 67 and facing a 5th fusion. My kyphosis started with the last fusion revision.

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