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@ashby1947 Hi I was on Amiodarone for VT for about 10 years and it can have issues that Warrent looking for alternatives. I ended up being taken off of it manly because when my Heart was getting real bad they had me on the IV type and it became toxic to me. Also during those years I was taken it with Mexiletine.
During a period where they tried to wean me off of both of them, i had a major period of arritmyias until they got me back on them and they added Sotalol also. So towards the end just to keep me in rythum i was on all 3. That's when it was decided I needed a transplant.
So I remember during that time my pharmacy was concerned that I was on Amiodarone and Sotalol at the same time but that's what my doctor wanted and it was working. My point in this story is I believe Mexiletine and Sotalol my be alternatives.
Just one other point is when I was first put on Amiodarone it was not my doctor's first choice due to the side affects and long term use. He first had me on Lisinopril but it gave me a rash so that's when I was put on the Amiodarone. I hope that helps and your wise to consider alternatives to Amiodarone it's a great drug for VT but has long term use issues. I also lost my Thyroid just before the transplant due to using Amiodarone for all those years.
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Hi. I'm nowhere as ill as you. Just wanted to say I have atrial fibrillation. The cardiologist tried the "paddles" 💓 in the hospital 2x but it didn't last. So then he gave me a drug (?) and kept me in the 🏥 hospital for 5 days. He sent me home with amaridione. Plus the beta blocker I've been taking for years. I read up on amaridione.. got scared so stopped it. Best 👍 wishes to you for your health 💕

Thank you for sharing, Dana. Sometimes I think the options are bad and worse. Hope you are stable now. Blessings to you also, Sue.