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Dancingtree, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis when I was 35. Ridiculously young. I'm not 73. Back when I was diagnosed, few docs knew much about it and certainly not for a young woman like me. One doctor came to town, neurologist, put me on oyster shell calcium supplement. Helped me then.A few years ago, I was diagnosed with a very low 'D' and 'B', so I take D3, Super B Complex, daily vitamin and B12 shots every 2 weeks. That's a lot, but my body needs the help with these things. It's working nicely. I have only slight osteoporosis, normal for my age. Of course, I'm dealing with the damage of the years before we found answers, but I love the answers! I walk when I can, go to the therapy pool for water 'exercise' 2X weekly…..94 degree temp that takes away ALL my pain, the only time I'm truly pain free….walk, do all kinds of simple things to get moving w/water resistance. Wow, has it helped me all over. Maybe time in a regular pool will give you the resistance your bones need to strengthen…..Also, I eat yogurt daily…helps my tummy, too. hope you find some answers. BTW: I've gotten really picky what sites I use for research, for info re my issues. I now only use top, reputable sites, like Mayo, Cleveland Clinic, Univ. Florida, Boston Clinic, the major health sites. Seems better for me…..

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I think that I will up all the essential supplements for my bones and see how that effects my next dexa scan before going on a new level of osteoporosis medication. I may also slightly reduce the Effexor and see if I can tolerate a lower dose. I do take a micro dose of melatonin at night for sleep. I cannot tolerate anything over 1mg without getting terrible nightmares.

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