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Ileostomy leaks and skin care

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I had so many leaks for the first couple of months, frustrating isn't a strong enough word. My stoma changed gradually from being round and sticking out about an inch from my belly to becoming more oval and flat, like it was sitting in a divot. I tried many products but finally settled on a moldable convex wafer and stoma paste from Convatec. I use the paste instead of rings because it's easier for me to get the paste to fill the gaps around my stoma caused by the way my belly folds.

It took a visit with an ostomy nurse recommended by my surgeon and samples from Hollister, Coloplast and Convatec. I learned very quickly that all the supply companies are more than willing to send samples, have you speak to their ostomy nurses and they usually follow up to see how things are going. It was a bit of trial and error but I found what worked. For instance the Hollister wafer was ok but the Convatec convex seemed to adhere and work with the stoma paste better. I also found I really liked the Coloplast pouch design but their wafer was an issue for me (my stoma is very close to my belly button and their design doesn't work well with my folds. Again it was a lot of trial and error but once I settled on the convex wafer and paste I have had zero leaks. The use of powder then the application of the paste has really kept skin irritation to a minimum.

Good luck!

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Hi, I was reading this and you said the Coloplast wafer didn't work because your stoma is too close to your belly button.

I use Coloplast Xpro because it sticks better for me. I too have the problem with being too close to the belly button. The Xpro is oval so I started wearing it with the wide part vertically for more room. Its helped quite a bit.

I also switch off between Xpro and Assura wafers which really has helped with how long products last on me due to different types of adhesive. Also, these two wafers use the same bag so it helps on cost.

One other thing. I read that many people say that they use a ring or paste to varying degrees of success. I have found that using both has been the perfect set up for me.

I put the ring on (Brava is my choice) then a thin layer of paste (Convatec in the silver tube). I apply to skin then use my hands on it for pressure and heat. I'll hold for several minutes.

Using all this has taken me from 1 or 2 days on a wafer to 10 to 12 days. It doesn't seem like such a chore when you only have to change 3 times a month! And I'm not easy on stuff either. I weight lift and run about 40 miles a week.

If you have any questions about products or my procedures please ask. I would love to help everyone get to where I am or better.

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