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Ileostomy leaks and skin care

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Thank you. I found your advice from experience very helpful. The information is for my husband, but the task of figuring out what brand and supplies work is mostly mine. I had been wondering if we need a deep and not light convex. We now use a light. Do you use a ring around the stoma before applying the wafer? Why did you choose Coloplast?

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I’m glad if my reply helped you. I remember how confused we were and how desperate to find some solutions. We tried everything including the ring. Bear in mind that having a urostomy vs an ileostomy will maybe need different solutions. With a urostomy the effluent is pure liquid and leaks very easily. On the upside, it is easier to clean up. Our ostomy nurse, Kathy, at Mayo Jax changed his to the deep convex without the ring, etc. The ring seemed to only exacerbate things since that made the wafer go even deeper to achieve a seal against the skin.

Just keep trying things and getting free samples when you can. There are so many products out there and sometimes they are not clearly marked as to which kind of ostomy they are meant for. We chose coloplast because they seemed the most helpful if I called them and we liked their products, particularly the night time bag. Does your husband use a night bag?

I forgot to mention that our ostomy nurse told us to use over the counter Flonase on the cleaned and dry skin as an anti-inflamatory. It cleared up the red, irritated skin immediately. Dry with a hair dryer before and after applying it and it helps the wafer to stick also.

Let me hear from you. We got good news today. My husband had his 12-month exams and there was no evidence of cancer anywhere. Yipppeeee!

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