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My wife forgetting: Diagnosed with MCI

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My wife was initially diagnosed with MCI back in 2014 but the progression has not been fast except for the last month. My wife retired back in 2012 because of memory issues and I retired two years later. We joined a gym back in 2014 and it has been great for her. Our old gym closed down in early 2020 but we continued going for walks in the neighborhood (3-5 miles). I really believed the activity/exercise helped delay the progression. Lately, she has been having trouble knowing where to get a glass for some water or where the knives & forks are for dinner. I’ve started emptying the dishwasher, otherwise its a really challenge to the different utensils. So far, we have been lucky and has not needed any drugs but I think that may be changing. The neurologist has recommended Aricept and I think she may agree to start taking it. Every day we agree to enjoy the day because we don’t know what tomorrow brings. We have a challenge in front of us but I don’t think we understand what that challenge really entails. If you can retire, I would recommend it so you can enjoy each other’s company while you can.

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I appreciate you sharing Dan. My husband has become worse in the past few months as well. He no longer drives without me as he will get lost and I accompany him to his medical (all) appointments because he has no recall once the appointment is over. I have gotten out bikes equipped with new tires and we ride bikes and take walks. I spend my lunch hour walking or riding with him when I work from home. He also has spinal stenosis which makes much exercise difficult, but he enjoys what we do together. Our neurologist put him on Aricept a year ago. It made him very confused and seemed to make him much worse. Dr. took him off and said that happens sometimes. I have a white board for him and I write things down so he will remember things. But, lately he forgets to look at the white board. He gets very agitated easily. He actually had to retire 10 years ago since the condition interfered with his confidence level. I agree and would like to retire, but healthcare is an issue since I am only 60 and won't qualify for Medicare until 65. I have him on my employee insurance plan. I wish there was a solution to that problem. He is also a cancer survivor, so keeping his physicians is important. Thank you again for sharing, it helps. Taking one day at a time is so important. And keep smiling.