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My wife forgetting: Diagnosed with MCI

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my wife has been having memory issues since 2012 when she had to retire. However, the best thing about her issues are that they are progressing slowly. She was diagnosed in 2014, where the PHD wanted to put her on medication immediately. Because of the side effects of the medication, she said no (I agreed with her). She saw a neurologist a couple of months ago, where she went through all the tests to rule out everything else and he said her issues are due to mild cognitive impairment (MCI). The main recommendation I can give you is keep your verbal communications between you two open. My wife can't remember what we did yesterday but she has no problem asking me what we did yesterday. At night, we sometimes talk about what we did during the day and she may not remember everything but with hints, I will challenge her to remember. She may not remember everything but she tries and feels good when she does remember somethings.
Sometimes she will stand in the middle of the kitchen and wonder why she is there or where the utensils are. It's sometimes a challenge to find items after she empties the dishwasher but I take it as a game and she is challenging me. You cannot get upset with ANYTHING she does because she is not doing it on purpose.
Instead of you doing everything, how about you work as a team with you directing the team. Have her set the table, make a part of the meal, get the drinks, etc. Whenever my wife uses the stove (gas), she knows she must put on the fan, so I know the stove is on. my wife has left a stove burner on and I made sure she knows how dangerous it is. I know in the not to distant future, I will be the only one who uses the stove. I'm not mad or upset, it just going to be another stage in our lives together (51 years so far). I guess, my only recommendation is for the two of you to keep talking about her condition but in a non-critical manner. and keep reaching out to this forum as a sounding board and a release.
It is also important to complete your estate planning. We also completed our prepaid funeral arrangements even though we do not anticipate using the funeral arrangements for many years.

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Thanks for sharing your experiences and comments. Your post is very helpful and encouraging.

Has your wife been on Xarelto blood thinner. This blood thinner almost put me in nursing home. Lots of side effects. The 3 years later I started have same side effects from thyroid medication. I am off thyroid and taking natural vitamins, doing great and getting my energy, life back to normal. Prayers