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Cancer and Stroke

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Laurie: doctors at the hospital already contacted my oncologist. I hope this doesn't affect chemo treatment going forward. Now that I have to take low dose aspirin, this could affect my platelet count, which has been low during chemo. I have clear cell endometrial cancer stparker54

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Did you find out where the stroke happened, i.e. what part of the brain? While this is very frightening, you cannot let it rule out life. If you can be proactive by walking every day, that will help your not only physically but mentally. I use those trekking/hiking sticks as I still have a little balance problem. If you can get to a physical therapist that works with stroke patients, that would be helpful. What I found out was that for two weeks, the PT wanted me to use my opposite affected hand to reach and hold things. He mentioned that they are finding out that the brain can remap so by forcing the affected side to work more, that will help your brain function. He had me walking around with a couple of gardening gloves on my left hand…what an adventure that was! So don't give up…keep moving…keep the circulation going.

I had an aneurysm diagnosed just as I started breast cancer treatment. Not related to treatment, just happen to find during CT scan. It was calcified, so treatment was just low dosage aspirin and monitoring. No one mentioned effect on platelets which stayed in normal range during chemo. They were checked before every chemo session.

If you were seen for stroke at Mayo, checked the portal notes. The ER or other drs might of documented the conversation with oncologist in visit notes. Also, may show if they talked to your oncologist or a oncologist on call over holiday weekend.

Good luck