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I’ve gone through c-diff twice now. I learned a lot about it the second time, like taking PPI’s long term can make you more susceptible to getting C-Diff and that the c-diff molecules never totally leaves your body and taking antibiotics can trigger a reoccurrence. One major discovery is the infection has been treated wrong all these years. They usually load you up on antibiotics to treat it and in doing so it destroys the good bacteria that is needed for extracting the nutrients from the food that you eat. The key is to improve your immune system and keep it strong. And question taking antibiotics for more than a week, two weeks max. The c-diff bacteria will be living in you waiting for a drop in your immune system to attack again. I tested positive after being on antibiotics for 3 weeks then tested positive so they gave me a 9 week course. After learning about the difference between active and inactive C-Diff molecules, I looked at the test results and it didn’t list both active and inactive. Now they know that the test results need to be looked at closer and be repeated to see if the C-diff cells are active. Now they know that there are inactive cells form a colony that was sent out to see if your immune system is low and it’s time to attack. In the past any positive tests would result in a corse of antibiotics then they would do another test and it would be negative so they stop the antibiotics. I was tested 5 times after my last bout with C-diff and just about every test was opposite than the last one. I have an artificial aortic valve so I have to take antibiotics before a dentist appointment and just taking 1 has set off the c-diff and anyone that has had it knows just what those signs are. The main problem now is the general lack of knowledge about what they know now by so many Dr’s, and the older you get the more important it is to get it right. Go ahead and google what I just said and don’t be afraid to bring it up with your Dr before your put on antibiotics to treat the C-diff or anything else, because your life or quality of life is at stake. If the test doesn’t show both the active and inactive molecules , tell them that you want a full test. More and more people carry inactive c-diff molecules that might not ever cause a problem. They are just waiting for their chance to become active. Having it once greatly increases the chance for a reoccurrence, and taking PPI’s too makes it much more likely. I guarantee you that every door handle no matter where it is will have a few c-diff molecules that won’t effect most healthy people, but if you’ve already had it you might want to think about wearing gloves too. Start paying a lot of attention to strengthening your immune system. Getting the nutrients from food is best because it’s in your system longer and has a better chance of being absorbed. C-Diff is a “Super Bug”. It’s at the top of the CDC’s list. The tests should show both “gram positive “ and “gram negative “ numbers. You don’t need antibiotics if their just negative! Now it’s more important than ever to pay attention to taking antibiotics. They are still over prescribed and in fact crowned C-Diff the king of consequence. Don’t take my word for it, research it with google and pay close attention to the year that the article was written. If it’s not at least 2020 keep looking!

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Should I even demand my dr retest? I’m 16 days off of vanco. He only does pcr test. I’ve had a couple rough last couple of days. No diarrhea (mine was actually just unformed, mushy stools when diagnosed), but not quite the formed stools I was seeing for the last 2 weeks. I’ve been having more of the neurological symptoms lately that I’ve had prior to diagnosis. I’m hoping I don’t relapse but also anxious at not knowing, or knowing for that matter.