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Suboxone is an opiate that was traditionally used in addiction and treatment centers - similar to methadone. It is less addictive than most opiates, doesn’t cause respiratory issues like other narcotics, and doesn’t need to be as closely managed as other narcotic medications. Doctors were surprised when many of their patients who were switched to suboxone kept mentioning how it was also effective in treating long term chronic pain. So, it is now sometimes used off label to manage pain in patients who will need to be on narcotics long term. I’ve met a number of pain specialists here in Wa state who are recommending patients give suboxone a try to see if it will work for them.

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Melanie my name is Rob and I am taking suboxone now. Opioids don’t help my daily all day abdominal pain down the middle from xiphoid to pelvis. I was screened for depression and that psychiatrist prescribed subutex(no naloxone just the buph part). He monitored the first 48 hours going 4mg the hours later another 4 then next am 8mg and another 8 later. It took 50% of all pain away for 24 hours. Then I had so much in me that 24 hrs after that threw up. I have had many ct scans etc. hospital 3 times.

After that I worked with him taking 10-16 mg a day. Never got the one hit wonder again. Though at times I think if helped some. Can mess with bowl’s

New palliative doctor who treats pain put me on suboxone but started real low at 2mg in AM. not sure about your mornings but it’s awful pain starts right back at leve 8 after bathroom use at 6am. Just moved up to trying 8mg again. The pills are tricky as they need to melt under your tongue. It’s not a swallow pill. You have nothing to lose I would try it. Lots of folks who took opioids like this drug. Let me know please what you decided to do as this is 7 months old post. Rob