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What's outside of your picture window today?

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@ess77 It will really be interesting to get your report on wild bird seed with chili peppers! We have squirrels around here, but I decided not to hang any bird feeders. There are lots of places for all the birds to feed. Feeders would draw the hawks and kestrels in for quick snackies of unaware small birds! We are inundated with robins, scrubjays, chickadees, thrush, mockingbirds, and woodpeckers right now.

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@gingerw Ginger, i'll let you know how the squirrels respond. I dont't want to harm or even make them unhappy, but I think a bit or control is in order……also, help keep it cleaner….Thankfully, the hunters above are more frequently a bit away and these birds can escape very well. I've had a couple of nests in a large live oak outside my front door that were raieded with quite a war, hoards of birds of all kinds running to the rescue.
Last year, Mr. Owl, a huge old owl living on our property since I have, posted on one of the limbs i this treel He was frozen. It was amazing to watch as this large, dark shadow sat motionless while multitudes of wild birds were flying around the tree, in and out of the limbs, for over an hour as I watched, I didn't see him leave, nor what if any damage was done and no evidence on the ground, so perhaps my birds won that battle.
It was quite a battle. I now have a little nest in my mailbox, on the wall beside my front door that's pretty active. Wonder why there? She may have abandoned the nest since the mailman did put some mail in when she was working…..we'll see…blessings, Ginger and enjoy your world! Feel well…elizabeth