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What's outside of your picture window today?

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@ess77 I moved to Ca on 2009 My husband passed away and no family left there My son and wife had my grandson and they both worked so I helped take care of him till he started to school Enjoyed it so much Grandma,s know .I live it here no snow my work took me on the road back in farm country Thank goodness for my Subaru never got stuck. Where do you live back east? Of course had several feeders , hummingbird and a house baby wrens lived in I did see a golden eagle here gorgeous just saw a hawk soaring but mostly seagulls,pigeons and crows Thanks for asking

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@lioness Where in east? Sounds like plans I had with my son years ago, when he was in his 30's and marriage and kids were being discussed. I planned to move to NC to live nearby and help w/childreen. Life happened…..he developed dystonia and lives across street from me here in Fl, getting Mayo specialists help!!!! No marriage nor children and my health negates that focus as well. So, it's worked how it's worked……..but, we both enjoy the birds and feeders are so much fun…..AND I tend to feel pretty angelic helping them through the winter, slow food season. Love watching the big birds, hawks, eagles, buzzards, and water birds like cranes and egrets. They all fascinate me….not thrilled when out with my small white poodle or now my son's little white havanese running around bring joy to the world! The hawks and owls often circle above as we she walks, runs and plays…..just the right size for a meal, so we have to watch and protect. Horrid thought! I've been enjoying your posts on several sites. Blessings, elizabeth