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No the dr's haven't giving any answers that's why I'm on here looking for others with similar symptoms not ways to let him die he wants to live his mind and soul wants to live … he's not ready for death ok we want answers to help his discomforts until he cant fight anymore .. and he will die at home not hospice

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@tlovesherdad2020 I am so sorry for the obvious pain you are in and you have come to a good place for understanding. I will never pretend to have all the answers you seek. Those will come from trained professionals who have the expertise and experience in cardiology as well as other disciplines. What you will get here is a distant/digital shoulder to cry on. Having seen two parents go with hospice help at home I can heartily endorse their expertise in helping you come to grips with death. They can help the whole family with the journey we all must make at some time.

No matter what happens, your handle – tlovesherdad – tells me you have the one thing that can sustain you throughout this time: love.
Best always,
Scott Jensen

Good morning, @tlovesherdad2020.

I certainly understand that you don't want your dad to die. I'm also sure that your dad wants an answer to his health needs and discomfort. I must not have understood what you said in your original post, "He is dying and detirating fast….. I wish someone could tell me how to make him feel any more comfortable." This was the reason why I mentioned hospice care. I was under the impression that the doctors could not do anything more for him.

As @scottij said in his post, many people have in-home hospice care. Are you aware that hospice will come to your home? My mom also had in-home hospice care and a nurse came by to see her and helped her a great deal with pain and discomfort. So, if you or he feels he needs extra comfort care and if there is nothing that the doctors can do for him, then that is the time to call for in-home hospice care. End of life issues can be very difficult, and in-home hospice care is a wonderful way to make the burden a little lighter for both the patient and the family members.

However, if your dad wants more help in dealing with his heart condition, I would recommend that you get an appointment for him with a cardiologist for a second opinion. Have you considered getting a second opinion with another specialist?