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When Mayo Won’t Help. What Next?

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I understand what you're saying. I've made two trips at my expense to Mayo without any diagnosis, except they say I have fibromyalgia which is a catch-all I feel. I'm dying here and no one will help me. I wrote a complaint letter, that was the reason for my 2nd trip to Mayo. I plan to send another complaint letter. to

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@rivergirl8243 I went back and read some of your earlier posts. My pain specialist stated when I saw him the other day that it sounds like I have “sacrum dysfunction”. When I look it up it come up “ Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction“. I will get a injection tomorrow and hopefully it will help me. I have had back surgery in the L-S joint twice. The last time (2008) I had an artificial disc put in and hardware was used. The specialist says he is pretty sure that my hips are out of sync because of the hardware. Could something like this be going on with you? It can happen without previous surgery. I think if it does not help I will try physical therapy. .. or may go for it in addition no matter which way it goes.


@rivergirl8243 have you used the route shared above that @colleenyoung mentioned to contact the Office of Patient Experience by email or phone to share your feedback? If not, here is that contact information https://www.mayoclinic.org/about-mayo-clinic/patient-experience

Maybe one of the knowledgeable moderators can help. Does Mayo ever refund $ when they are unable to diagnose or help?