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@artscaping Hey Chris, my mom has had a few of those squamous carcinomas removed. She goes to regular dermatology skin checks, and she had one that she found removed just a couple months ago. When you catch them early, they are not deep and they get all of it with the Moes surgery. Would a cold ice pack help the itching? I know when my leg was itching inside my cast where I couldn't scratch, I would put ice on my leg above the cast and it helped.

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Hi there @jenniferhunter. You are right......those little squamous things are the ones that like to float around and multiple in your body. It's the basil ones that don't migrate; they just get bigger. So.....I do go twice a year to have everything to do with skin examined. I was such a CA beach girl ....you know, with the iodine in the baby oil.

Thanks for acknowledging the itch. And yes I keep ice gel packs in the freezer. They often mean the difference between sleeping and screaming. I am testing two new topicals......each one for two weeks. I also am using a compression sleeve on my arms so I can't attack them. I remember those itches inside the casts.......when things were healing.

Jay had the Moes surgery on his forehead. That worked well. How are you doing today? Riding the horse yet? I remember how good it smelled to go in the barn at 5:30 a,m, to treat Keo Raff's feet in the summer.

Thanks for checking on me. I so appreciate all of your assistance. Speaking of that, I have just had an amazing MFR treatment. When I understand it better, I will run it by you.
May you have peace and ease.