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You have a lot going on right now, @emyliander. Yes, phew - no appointments to remember right now.

For when you don't have quite so much on your mind related to COVID-19 and all, I'm thinking perhaps @rachelanne @debbraw @suz55 @helenfrances may have some suggestions on how to help your husband understand what is happening with your memory this year and also support you in it.

What are some of the stresses you are encountering with your home sale, emyliander?

@melodyjane - how are you doing? Have you had any memory difficulties lately?

@sarasally2 - in the conversations you referred to, is it your husband or more than one member of the family who is having challenges with memory right now?

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To answer your questions, I am the one with the main memory problems. As for stresses with home sale, we have repainted and replaced all floor molding because we had wood floors installed a year ago and it had all been removed. I’m trying to downsize which is difficult. Now with being sick and quarantined for two weeks we have put off the date of home sale. In 2-3 weeks we’ll look at the COVID 19 situation and see where we are. Moving to NY as sick as it is, is probably just as well. Our tenant moved out today, she is also a good friend so we will miss her, my dog and our daughter will miss her even more.
My daughter Kim lives for her 6 days at Pinetree Camp for handicapped children and adults. It won’t be happening now. I have two Grandchildren graduating High School this Spring, that won’t happen either, I feel bad for them. My latest oops was finding the left over corn in the cupboard instead of the refrigerator.. Stay well all of you and have a good day.