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Hi @dorty – Welcome to Connect! I agree with Lisa in terms of watching the condition and investigating causes. My husband was diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment in 2015 and I know from our own experience how frightening that diagnosis can be. It sounds as if your diagnosis was based on the battery of neuropsych tests you just completed. As a follow-up to that, I would encourage you to look at the information and articles on Mayo's website under Mild Cognitive Impairment. Some of the articles and resources were helpful to us. Also, I'm wondering if your neurologist and/or neuropsychologist recommended anything beyond the "wait/re-test" approach? You may consider contacting Mayo to see about your eligibility for participation in their HABIT (Healthy Actions to Benefit Independence & Thinking) program. Here are a couple of links you might find helpful.

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Thank you Debbra.

I have Mild Cognitive Impairment from a Stroke in 2001! I am 58 years young and am very worried about my future, regardless of how and what the information documents reflect, for a person in my age bracket! I would hope, that relearning my skills and engaging in many different projects, classes, Volunteer Work, online Brain Games, etcetera, will help! However, no-one can predict the future, so I am staying busy and doing my part to stave off Dementia later in life!

Wonderfully informative! Thank you.