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Ask your doctor or pain clinic

Chronic Pain | Last Active: Nov 25, 2020 | Replies (25)

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Women have twice if not more the pain receptors than men biologically. It’s not fair or right to ANYONE to compare themselves to how another handles a pain load. That will drive them into depression faster than a speeding bullet. DO NOT DO THAT TO YOURSELF AND YOUR LOVED ONES.
As for me? I spend most of my day in my recliner, the equivalent to my bed. I spend 40% of my day (on a good day) doing things around the house that will help my husband and me be productive. I organize my craft room, paint, wipe down the kitchen and clean the kitchen IF it’s not overwhelming. I even groom my service dog! Not all of these and definitely not at once.
I spend time with my hubby and play with our dog who is painfully neglected by me on my down days.
This is my life and I have compensated not BECAUSE of the pain but in spite of it.
Pain does not control me. I live my life anyway and I’m happy. I breathe through it and have learned that it is another feature of me that people will either accept or not.
My quality of life is the defining factor and management of that factor affects it, yes.
Just like my seizures, migraines, and other diseases which I have affect it.
But they don’t DEFINE OR CONTROL who I am. I am Renee, child of God, wife of James, mother of Sean, and warrior.
That is who I have always been and will continue to be.
Please, people, don’t let an indicator, something your body is using to try to help you, overwhelm you into taking your purpose for life away.

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Replies to "Hank, Women have twice if not more the pain receptors than men biologically. It’s not fair..."

Good for you! I am printing this and will read daily.

@faithwalker007 Renee I love the words you wrote.

Every time I am asked my pain level I cringe… a chart number just does not put it in perspective. You have the overall pain and then a specific area pain. .. shoulder, back, knee, foot, hand, abdominal, etc. How much do you let that pain take you over. ..

I do not like taking an opiate. I cannot take nsaids nor other meds for pain. I had to up the dosage earlier this year for some thumb surgery. I asked my doctor to lower the number of pills back down and here I am two months later asking him to up the number again. I am having another body issue. I am getting an injection on Monday that will hopefully calm the pain.

Friends tell me I am so strong and so brave. I feel weak and like I am drowning at times. At those times I say some fervent prayers to help me get through them and take one moment at a time. I try to distract myself from pain by occupying my mind with other things. Crochet usually is my go-to, but the surgery earlier this year was for my thumb. My thumb is only up to small amounts of the activity. So puzzles and games on my tablet. I cannot concentrate on novels, so short times reading scriptures, short stories and poems.

My husband starts telling doctors that I can tolerate more pain than he ever could. I tell him to hush up. I see him go through pain daily.. that I could not handle. He is no weaker nor stronger than I when it comes to pain. We all handle pain in our own way. Lately pain has slowed us both. We went for a drive last week. It was painful on our bodies.. but oh the good it did our souls!!

Always put Joy in your life so you will have Happiness in your soul.


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