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Ask your doctor or pain clinic

Chronic Pain | Last Active: Nov 25, 2020 | Replies (25)

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@faithwalker007…. How many opiods do you take? or were you taking? The doctor lets my husband take 2 of the 10's a day.. I can get by somewhat with
1 and a half of the 535's a day..of course 3 are better…. They should surely give you enough to keep the pay at bay. I can't take any of those that you also cannot take. We have almost no options… We who can't tolerate the other things! Last time they tried me on one Lyrica pill. I went into atrial fib and had to stay in the hospital for three days. It is no joke for us sensitive girls! Opioids are it I'm afraid. Maybe change pain doctors? Are you near Lakewood or Tacoma? Try to see Dr. Regimbal. He gave me all meds I needed when we lived there.

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I'm living just north of Kansas City, Missouri. This is home for me.
Was taking 15mg extended release morphine, allowed 3 per day. Now I'm taking 100mg of tramadol 3xday.
I'm also on Lyrica, Cymbalta, meloxicam, muscle relaxers, sleeping pills, etc. I deal with degenerative disc disease, 3 herniated discs, fibromyalgia, but the worst is nerve damage in my lower right abdomen and pelvis. Not sure if you have heard of AIP, that's another issue I have, the good thing is haven't suffered from in several years. When that hits I barely move and can't even carry on conversation the pain is so severe even taking morphine. The nice thing switching from morphine to tramadol is the tramadol is not extended release. I was so lucky finding the dr here that I'm seeing, he also switched my muscle relaxers to something stronger. My abdomen spasms almost 24/7..
Sure hope you find a dr in your area that will help you.

I never did answer you and I apologize. I’m in 30mg OxyContin bid and Percocet 10mg qid for breakthrough pain. I have the following disease states:
Migraines headaches
Irritable Bowel Disease
Small Intestinal Resection
Traumatic Osteoarthritis in my left knee
Complete and total right knee replacement of my right knee
Lumbosacral plexopathy
Torn rotator cuff in left shoulder
Torn rotator cuff in right shoulder
Ruptured and separated labrum surrounding right shoulder
Right wrist carpal tunnel
High Risk for Infectious C. difficile Colitis (hx of infections so far)
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type 2 (Causalgia)
Symptoms include severe neurological, nerve, and physical pain including muscle cramps, joint pain, migraines, stomach cramps, hand and foot pain, hip and back pain, mobility limitations, and sensitivity to touch. Heat and cold changes to the body- areas affected by pain can change by more than 1-2 degrees.
I also have a DRG Spinal Cord Stimulator from Abbott/St. Jude which handles approximately 20-25% of my Pain load on Good days, 10-15% on average days, less on bad.
My total pain management covers about 40% of the pain load.

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