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daphne47 (@daphne47)

Common symptoms, no cough

Post-COVID Recovery & COVID-19 | Last Active: Nov 22, 2020 | Replies (8)

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@daphne47 I had a "mild" case of Covid. For me, it started with a nasty dry cough which t first I attributed to allergies. Also, there was a lot fo sneezing and congestion with a sore throat. It began on a Thursday in early October and I had no fever of which I was aware. Anyway, I decided to see my doctor and She did a COvid test as well as a strep throat test. I was surprised to hear that the COvid test came back positive. THings get a little fuzzy, but I recall feeling achy like having the flu, running a temp that was at time normal and at other times only two degrees above normal. There was extreme fatigue, yet I could do some household things, but it was hazy. My doctor insisted that I call her daily. Had my temp increased and/ or oxygen saturation drop to 90, or below, she insisted I go to one of our hospitals. Mercifully it didn't and slowly I got to a functioning level. I am still experiencing bouts of fatigue, and my sciatica has returned. Know that I was diagnosed with early small cell lung cancer and in March of 2019 underwent surgery that removed a third of my right lung. So that is a concern with anything like COVID. I hope you get tested or have done so by now. It is better for an early diagnosis in my opinion. If you do have COVID rest and follow what your body tells you. I have no idea where I caught the virus, but it spread to my housekeeper and her husband who is my handyman. I hope this helps you. Oh, also my ability to taste things was odd–salty things tasted metallic and it is only this month that things have returned to normal in this area. Good luck to you. Take care. Let us know what is going on with you.

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@alamogal635– It's so good to hear that things are back to normal- weel mostly- for you!

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