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@maryflorida @amandajro Yes, I have bursitis in both hips. It's been a battle for years now. As I mentioned in a post in another discussion this morning, cortisone shots have helped me tremendously, but it is important to get a very skilled doctor. Too often they don't hit the exact spot and then there is no relief. I was fortunate to find a doctor, after many who missed the spot, who did get it right. If I was starting to find a doctor now for a cortisone shot I would go to a physiatrist. They are doctors of physical medicine and when they do cortisone shots they use some type of low X-ray imaging to get the shot to the exact right spot.
I am hesitating to get a shot now because I have developed advanced osteoporosis from taking prednisone. Cortisone is of course also a steroid so I fear that it may worsen my hip osteoporosis, which is the last thing I want to happen. I plan to ask my endocrinologist about that.

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Thank you..Dang. It is hard geting old. I will ask my doctor about the injection. He keeps wanting me to go to physical therapy, but my insurance doesn't cover it. Last time It cost me $100 a week for ten weeks.

I have had bursitis in left hip – started after a Hip Replacement- they claimed I was too active too soon/ probably how I go bursitis. I have had one injection, pool therapy, and therapy with a physical therapist, ice and heat- nothing helps. My last therapist said it felt inflamed and large- she worked on trying to break down the inflammation – But I still have pain ! She mention she had one patient that had the bursa removed- on both sides and was doing great. Does anyone know about having the bursa removed? Thanks

I think I am starting to understand! And that is exciting! I have osteoporosis in my right hip along with bursitis. My bones are loosing all the way around. To move is so painful, I have changed my eating be getting rid of flour and added a lot of pineapple and cottage cheese. Added Turmeric and tried to help relieve the pain! I have a spine pump for pain medications for my spine and now it has moved to my hips! The pain Dr is going to pull the fluid off my hip and add cortisone or (?). A hip replacement is out of the question because of the damaged bones that are not rebuilding themselves. Life is not easy some days and there is a reason. So where do I go from here? I guess what happens next? I just need to understand what is happening to my body. Thank you! Diana Leach