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I understand some of this because I found years ago that I ate when others did something wrong or at least not good, that upset me. One day I had a talk with myself and asked why I was stuffing myself when someone else made the mistakes. I was taking their punishment for them. I finally taught myself to remember that it wasn't my mistake and I should continue to be good to me. I quit binging when stressed. I still get upset when others make bad mistakes, but I no longer binge to console myself. It is their problem, not mine.
The antidepressant may be making her hyper because the only time I tried it, I couldn't stop working, couldn't sleep, and quit in short order. I told my doctor to give the pills to my husband as he had a problem, not me. He laughed and said he never considered it that way.
Your daughter's self worth is low as a result of the mental abuse from her husband, and she needs to be encouraged to work on her self value which comes as a result of doing well at something and she gets praise and encouragement, not criticism. I wear a diamond ring which I purchased on my own, despite my husband's non support, and when it sparkles in the sun it reminds me that I am a person of worth and I deserved spending money on me after all my efforts and hard work trying to please a man who was never satisfied. The ring reminds me that I succeeded in living through a terrible trial for many years, and I am at peace now. I never take it off.
I gave my old, diamond in a necklace to my granddaughter and bought a diamond ring for another granddaughter when she graduated college, something we thought she could not achieve.
You don't have to buy diamonds. Any token will do to improve your self worth. When I dieted, I bought a pair of earrings every time I lost five pounds. I had little personal jewelry at the time but my husband had quite an array of things he wore, expensive. He bought a diamond ring in Amsterdam on a group trip and nothing for me. He lost the ring in the cornfield working on broken machinery.
I have known women who slept with comforting blankets, and other items that give them comfort and peace. I once bought myself a teddy bear on sale because I had never had one and my grandchildren had several. I had Santa bring me a doll for Christmas the same as he did for young granddaughters, and they were very impressed. I never had a nice doll from the store, only homemade cloth dolls.
I now know I am a person of value and am loved and blessed by God, so I don't binge and am well disciplined on my diet now.
You daughter has unmet needs and I pray for her success in whatever way works for her. It needs to be a positive experience for her.

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Thanks for sharing. I agree with what you said.