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No. I'd consider anything at this point. I do eat white bread, pasta, I would have no problem with eliminating gluten. Why do think that helped you?

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It is recommend to not eat white bread and white pasta when there are high blood sugar numbers. You can at least try that. Also white potatoes. I would reconsider those meds if they are not producing desired results, but since I have never used them for my diabetes, I shouldn't say. I do believe it is better to rely on diet changes that we know can provide benefits instead of relying on meds.
But that is my bias and I have been successful at it. Since you haven't tried a gluten free diet, it would be worth considering. I found a no bread diet made me feel awful, so now I eat a limited wheat bread and other grain bread diet. My father's large family, now deceased, suffered from ulcers and hemorrhoids plus vericose veins so they had a lot of sickness and poor health. One was an alcoholic and lost most of his stomach as well. I suspected genetic problems with my issues, but decided stress and poor eating habits were the cause.
Obesity is an issue in my family. Right now I have another bacteria infection which is commonly acquired in a hospital setting. I was hospitalized one night in July. So I am taking a dangerous antibiotic which is said to be the only one that is effective, and I have been warned about it. I trust changing your diet and following the latest and best advice on a diabetic diet and relying less on the meds.
My father had a huge ulcer removed and could not drink beer or eat hot dogs, and learned to eat his veggies for a few better years until he got cancer, He had smoked for many years. He died in his early 70's which was common in the 1970's. We are living longer and sometimes it takes more work to keep our bodies in order. I think doctors do hit and miss on the meds sometimes. They don't live with you so they don't have all the answers. It helps me to be willing to support you in your efforts. Dorisena