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@teresaallen Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. It sounds like you are on a difficult journey and that you greatly appreciate the give and take within the Connect community, especially hearing member's success stories. Your main questions are regarding traveling home after surgery. Below I have linked the Mayo Clinic Brain Tumor page. If you follow the links it discusses lodging etc.

– Brain tumor care at Mayo Clinic https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/brain-tumor/care-at-mayo-clinic/mac-20350092

I understand that you want to hear from other members that have gone through something similar. I'd like invite members @mrector @jmb73 @bobhills @pat5 into the conversation. They may be able to help answer your questions.

Not everyone's experience is going to be the same, nor will their aftercare. I'm wondering if you would consider contacting your surgeon's office regarding aftercare?

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Thank you for your response, and yes I will contact my surgeon on the travel question. I appreciate everyone’s different journey and reading their stories. Even if it is not the same type as mine I still get some comfort. Thank you again!

Glad to hear that your discovery was by accident (as mine was) and that surgery will fix it. I had mine 11 months ago, have been playing golf all summer, rode home in car (with wife driving) after surgery, and still have some numbness in side of face but life goes on. Good luck