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How to prepare for getting a chest port for chemo?

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Hello @ocpand. I have a port, located on my right side just below my collar bone. It was placed a little over 2 years ago for my chemo treatments. But it is used for blood work, and really anything else that would require an IV. I remember being nervous at the prospect of it - especially when I was trying to process everything that was happening at the time-but I have to say that for me, it has been a godsend, and I have never had any problems with it. It was placed during an outpatient procedure, I was awake during it but felt absolutely nothing, had no pain afterwards, and there really wasn't much to the recovery that I recall. As a matter of fact, I had my first chemo treatment the very next day, using the port. Whenever the port is accessed to be used, it is done so with a specific type of needle. I don't notice more than a pin prick you would feel when receiving a shot, but most times I don't even notice that. I was given a prescription cream of lidocaine to rub over the port before having the needle placed, but I don't use it. You might make sure your sil is given this, she might find it makes her more comfortable. The nurse usually tells me to take a deep breath when inserting or removing the needle, which does help. And yes, it is easier and more comfortable for me to wear clothing that is conducive to accessing the port. There are also small pillows you can attach to your seatbelt, so that it doesn't rub against your port, and possibly irritate it. I used it in the beginning, but not so much now. I got mine from my chemo doctor's office, where the American Cancer Society had left some for patients to have, so you can usually find one. I am sorry that your sil received this diagnosis, and that she is in pain. She is blessed to have you looking out for her. I will keep her in my prayers.

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Thank you for the tip on the breathing, lidocaine cream and the port pillow, I was able to find one on Amazon for cheap! Her port gets placed next week.