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Digestive issues and pancreatic cancer

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I believe all of us who have had a front end Whipple have the same problem with trying to maintain, much less gain, weight. After nearly three years post Whipple, my wife started having me snack daily on peanut butter and jelly snacks she buys at Costco. It might not work for everyone, but it has helped me maintain my weight for several months. For a while, the ensure and high protein drinks helped, but my body now reacts unfavorably to those. If anyone has had luck with any other particular food, I would appreciate hearing of it as it is a daily challenge for me and probably every front end Whipple survivor. I will say however that I am very glad to be alive today and I would have the surgery again today if necessary. Local oncologists wrote me off three years ago, but fortunately I researched and found Dr. Stauffer at Jax Mayo.

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As noted above, my wife couldn't take the supplement drinks, even ones I made myself from all organic ingredients. Didn't matter if the proteins were vegetable or dairy based.

We've been surprised at the seemingly "no-logical" pattern of which foods agree with her and which don't. Raw vegetables OUT. Roasted brussel sprouts or asparagus IN. Rice and beans IN. Pizza with vegetable toppings IN although tomatoes in any form OUT. High fat takeout Chinese food IN. Light ice cream or yogurt OUT. Premium full fat ice cream or yogurt IN.

Some some days even things that worked previously don't work.

It's a lot of experimentation. Good luck.