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Freestyle libre reading vs lab result

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@howardm I am not familiar with the Libre system, I test using a regular monitor. My A1c is always relatively low, often under 5, the last test, about a month ago, it was 5.6 so my endocrinologist does not insist that I test daily.

He has told me to test at different times of the day, after different meals though. I was always testing after breakfast. I think it does make more sense to test after different meals because it can change greatly depending on what you eat. I almost always have oatmeal for breakfast and later in the day, my meals tend to have fewer carbs.

Sometimes I wonder if I really am still diabetic but my endocrinologist has said once you have it you are always considered to be diabetic.

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I have the same concerns, JK, because I just did a home A1c test before I go to have a lab test. It showed 5.7 and the previous home test was also much lower than my regular lab test. Yes, I am still diabetic because last week my granddaughter and I baked peanut butter cookies, and since I have not had a cookie for a very long time, I had to eat two of them. I also ate a bowl of squash soup from Panera Bread. Two hours later my blood sugar was 231 so I know that I still have sugar spiking problems. The cookies had both regular sugar and brown sugar in them, in addition to white flour and lots of butter. which does slow the sugar spike somewhat. I feel good that lowering the AiC over time will help prevent the complications that come from uncontrolled blood sugar problems. Yes, I think we will have to work on the problem the rest of our lives but perhaps the insulin in our bodies might learn to work more efficiently. Dorisena

As I understand it, from what you described you always will have the tendency for higher blood sugar. Just as certain other diseases, you may be in remission, but it will always be there.

That said, it seems your doing very good in this regard. I would advise you to keep doing what you are now doing in regards to testing and food selection. Be careful not to “splurge” in your food selection and to always add some type of exercise daily, even just walking, and you can hopefully keep it in remission.

And consider yourself very fortunate that you don’t need a mountain of drugs to control diabetes and keep side effects in check!