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Freestyle libre reading vs lab result

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The lab will most likely show the A1c reading which is roughly an average of the past 3 months. The libre system takes a snapshot in time (assuming it is calibrated correctly); for this reason, I find simple testing is better for me with type 2 diabetes, as I take the readings at approximately the same time ever day to judge the overall trends. Your blood sugar can and will change significantly throughout the day, particularly the hours after eating.

In my humble opinion, if you are not taking insulin, the libre system is best left for those with type 1 diabetes unless directed by your physician. (But Abbott does appreciate the extra money!)

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@howardm I am not familiar with the Libre system, I test using a regular monitor. My A1c is always relatively low, often under 5, the last test, about a month ago, it was 5.6 so my endocrinologist does not insist that I test daily.

He has told me to test at different times of the day, after different meals though. I was always testing after breakfast. I think it does make more sense to test after different meals because it can change greatly depending on what you eat. I almost always have oatmeal for breakfast and later in the day, my meals tend to have fewer carbs.

Sometimes I wonder if I really am still diabetic but my endocrinologist has said once you have it you are always considered to be diabetic.

I was surprise when my scanner showed me 6.1 mmol/l. At 11:30 as my blood was drawn. The lab test came back showing
9.1 glucose fasting and AIC 9.7. My time in target on my freestyle monitors shows me over 70% time in target ever since I got my system. I do take 10mg of insulin in my belly daily