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Freestyle libre reading vs lab result

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Hi , I also use Free Style Libre , there is a 1-2 points reading , it’s usually lower than testing with blood .

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If you aren't willing to change your eating habits to less carbs, the test is just playing with your mind about your health. It isn't going to fix your blood sugar problem and it is discouraging to not see success in the numbers or to see numbers that are unusually low. Using pills to manipulate a high carb diet will not lead to good success and feeling well. Committing to a better diet and lifestyle for your body is the answer and it gets easier with time and effort. I consider myself a well person who provides what my body needs for good metabolism.
I still work on the weight issue as do my family and friends. High blood sugar numbers can lead to added health problems and an early death. My late husband died at age 71, obese, hard of hearing, with declining eyesight, with dementia, with hands shaking very morning, with uncontrolled diabetes, a cancerous tumor growing up his spine, and in terrible denial about his health. We don't want that life and we want a positive attitude about living with our loved ones and friends. He was addicted to opiods and was an alcoholic who drank every two hours but still drove every day. We did not ride with him. But he was free to do what he wanted and denied he had cancer to the end, lying is a hospital bed, hooked up to a pain pump and paralysed. He didn't eat for six weeks. That is what motivates me to try to be supportive with this friendly group. We are learning to care for our bodies in the best way possible. Dorisena