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fiesty76 (@fiesty76)

Driving, Early Dementia and Stroke

Aging Well | Last Active: Nov 9, 2020 | Replies (17)

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@gingerw, I've been accused of driving like a little old woman for years…long before grey hair or wrinkles! While I can't boast managing an 18 wheeler, I've never been ticketed either and I accuse some of those bedevilers of thinking they are trying out for the Indy 500. Having to stop driving would be a terrible personal blow for me and would leave me pretty stranded but like you, the dangers of risk, I truly hope, make the decision easier when that time comes.

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@fiesty76 I'm just a year older and because of my M.D @glucoms I gave my car up but I do miss it While driving one day it scared me as zI almost drove into someone When younger I drove a 52 passenger bus couldn't do it now so glad I'm retired lol

@fiesty76 and everyone else reading this great thread. Another very important thing we all must remember is to be careful when it comes to being on medications or being sick/flu. These can dramatically change up our reaction times or perception. I saw it happen to someone I loved, who wasn't feeling well. Instead of calling a friend or relative to take him to dr, he drove. And wrapped himself around a light standard, dieing instantly. Fortunately no-one else was hurt.

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