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martydav (@martydav)

Anyone have frozen elbow?

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That is what my shoulder used to do. Years before I had been in a car accident.. t-boned on the passenger side of car and I was driving. No one with me. I banged my shoulder twice in the jolts of the car. I mostly felt bruised and achy at the time. I had arthritis buildup where the outer arm meets the shoulder, and some kind of entrapment near the shoulder blade. Hard to remember that far back. I was better after surgery cleanup. I had thought my elbow (numbness in pinky and ring fingers and could not grasp with thumb and index finger) had something to do with the shoulder, but it was an ulnar entrapment. I had both surgeries at same time.

You need to be evaluated by your surgeon to tell what is causing your elbow to freeze up. Hopefully it will not mean more surgery.. maybe a different physical therapist. Some are better than others with certain injuries.

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I appreciate your story. I am going for a second
Physical therapy is brutal because they want to bend the joint past my threshold of pain .