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martydav (@martydav)

Anyone have frozen elbow?

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Hello @martydav . It sounds like your post-surgery pain has moved to other symptoms including a frozen elbow.

You will notice that I moved this discussion to the Bones, Joints & Muscles group so you may connect with other members who have had elbow issues either post break/surgery such as @artscaping and others such as @lotsofpain @fourof5zs who have mentioned ulnar nerve issues in their elbow causing symptoms that may resonate with you.

Have you heard of issues with the ulnar nerve that can get trapped and on occasion will need to be released?

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No, I have not.

Good evening @martydav. I am sorry that you have had such a problematic injury. I don’t think I can be very helpful. However, @amandarjro did tag me to share my experiences.

I fell down the mountain and broke my elbow in three places. I was in the hospital for three days because I also messed up my shoulder on the same arm. That led to multiple surgeries and a reverse shoulder replacement. But what about the elbow. First there was much less pain than the shoulder. Secondly, the arm and elbow was casted which kept me from banging it around and making it worse.

Here’s the smile……….When I went to the orthopedic clinic to have the surgeon cast the elbow, I was shocked that I was the only adult in the waiting room. It seems that in the summer there are a lot of young baseball players and other athletes getting broken bones.

I didn’t know that casts came in colors…..so I chose purple and then let the kids decorate it. Some fun……

What is your next step? Have you had X-rays?

May you be free of suffering and the causes of suffering.