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Just a thought....I have on my Phonaks, 2 Tcoil settings...one was full Tcoil and the other was Tcoil +mic. I had the T +mic disabled. I mainly used that one in looped areas so I could hear the speaker and also hear any questions from the audience. I found that I heard better in the full TCoil setting. My Tcoil setting is also programmed a little differently from my other hearing aid programs for optimal hearing, I thought maybe the hearing aid Tcoil program might be the culprit but , like Tony said, contact the company or, get back to the place you bought the phone from....challenge them and have them do the contacting.

Although I use Innocaption and my phone had a m3/t3 rating , when I switch to TCoil I need a plug in ear link that fits over the ears...looks like a thin candy cane shaped device. I use this on my Captel landline when I use it . I can’t hear anything on the Captel unless the ear link is plugged in or I have a neckloop plugged in.
However , my Samsung has superior voice quality so I don’t really use the ear link on the cell .I don’t think they even make this ear link anymore so it stays with the landline. I also use my neckloop with GPS occasionally. For reference my loss is profound and I need these gadgets.

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@imallears Thank you for your quick reply. My delightful hearing specialist at Costco has 'tweaked' the Resound's remote programs several times since I purchased in three months ago (it has four programs -- normal, TV, telecoil and noisy places). I have not any experience in any looped areas (with the pandemic, for over a year I have not ventured outside my home except for essentials - grocery/pharmacy, basic non-delivery shopping, medical & dental, all regular and emergency cat veterinarian visits, car servicing/gas. That is still the case now and likely will be until face masks are no longer necessary outside our homes. My Panasonic Amplified landline so far usually works well for me (except with calls involving some "customer service" agents who have never communicated with hearing impaired customers, have thick, heavy accents, speak far too rapidly, do not/cannot enunciate clearly (enunciating clearly is "foreign" concept). I rarely use the Alcatel, except when driving in unfamiliar areas. The Alcatel usually just sits on my kitchen counter. I haven't used it since last summer.